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D I Why not?

Oct 05, 2021

Hannah Ybarra

Is anyone else like the team over at My Diaper Cake where you are constantly envisioning cool DIY ideas but it’s always a bit too complicated and who even has the time. When it comes to a baby on the way, DIY options are endless. From pregnancy and adoption announcements to throwing the shower, to setting up the nursery, fun and festive ideas are everywhere. When it comes to DIY for your new family we are all about getting the most out of each creation. Just like we hope you use your fabulous diaper cake to decorate your nursery until that little cutie is ready for that size diaper and maybe keep that fun thematic topper for baby’s first birthday cake, there are so many things you can repurpose through each stage of preparing for your little one. 

If you want to create a fun and festive backdrop for your pregnancy announcements that can double as a photo wall for your baby shower and then become a fun 3D accent in your nursery, one of our mom bloggers is a wiz with giant paper flower displays. Learning the skill to create 100 of the large floral designs for a family Quincenera taught our team members that these crafts are versatile, beautiful, and best of all reusable. 

What you need:

Let's get the supplies together. To make these flowers you need:

  • a hot glue gun
  • a wooden tongue depressor
  • 8 or 9 sheets of paper in a color of your choosing
  • one sheet of complementary colored paper
  • a toothpick. 

To create a flower you select 8 or 9 sheets of your chosen color and cut out three sizes of the same shape. For a rose a large tear drop shape is perfect. But don’t worry about perfect shapes. We are going for a natural asymmetrical look and you are going to be rolling the edges.

You then repeat the process with all of the petals of that size.

Grabbing your circular shape you can now begin gluing the petals around the outside edge of the circle.

You then repeat the process with all of the petals of that size. 

Grabbing your circular shape you can now begin gluing the petals around the outside edge of the circle.

You then repeat this process with the next two sizes of petal moving inward on your circle. Once the petals are all glued into your circle you can create the center of your flower.

Remember in nature things unfold randomly so if it is lopsided or you don’t use all your petals it’s still going to look perfect. 

Take the other colored piece of paper and fold along the length of it. Cut the folded strip off. 

Then, taking your scissors, make small cuts along the folded edge of the paper but not all the way through. This slit paper can now be rolled to create the middle of your flower. Glue the roll in place.

By slightly changing petal shape, size, or color you can create an interesting dynamic backdrop for all your gatherings getting ready for baby. We made 100, seriously guys this gets so fun as you go! 

We know how fun it is to get the nursery ready for your little one. It's also a helpful step as parents to take time to process how this kiddo will fit into your life. Getting things ready can ease anxiety and help you take those necessary breaths before the big day, also who doesn't love the look of all those tiny things ready and waiting. If  you have suggestions for crafts our DIY team can help you simplify or perfect, we would love for you to share them with us. If the florals aren’t for you stay tuned, we have a Pinterest board as long as yours and we are excited to bring you new ideas and maybe put our own My Diaper Cake spin on those tried and true ones.