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My Diaper Cake

May 01, 2023

Hannah Ybarra

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Huānyíng, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Marhabaan,

Hey Ya’ll!!

We here at My Diaper Cake are working to create a virtual space for you as a parent or friend and family member of a new parent. While our primary function is to get you started on your own creation and help you develop a theme for your upcoming celebration with one of our thematic Diaper Cakes. This will also be a space to get tips, tricks, insights, and advice on the adventure of a new baby. We are aunties and mommas, entrepreneurs, and baby lovers. Our family is inspired by your growing family to create a product that is fun and functional while remembering that this time is all about celebration and coming together. We want you together, surrounding a centerpiece that you've constructed with a little support from us. That is what we are all about, after all, support and a little direction because, let's face it, with a baby on the way, we all wish everything came with step-by-step instructions and a solid base.

Our founder was moved by her own experience of supporting another mother to create a place based on those positive feelings of generosity and the power of a gesture. We live in a world where it is easy to feel very much alone. It's a time when mom's judgment and expectations of super mom or super dad can leave us all feeling like we aren't measuring up. When it comes to the people around you, a single gesture can be a tipping point away from that self-doubt. Now more than ever, we know the significance of coming together and celebrating. Our goal is to make a small contribution to simplifying this for you and to give you a forum for your function and ideas. Also, just remember that life is fun, and something as generic as a diaper can be changed into something beautiful and representative and a focal point for your joy.

A baby shower is a way for parents to see all the people that will be part of the new baby's life and take a moment to share the joy with them. Whether you are planning the shower, are the new parent to be, or looking for a way to contribute, this is a special gathering of what will be the village for this new family, and we can get you started.

For a parent, community means everything. Whether you work both inside and outside the home or you are full-time parenting, there are a lot of ways it becomes isolating to be a parent. If you have an outside job on top of child-rearing, you often have to miss out on extracurriculars with your coworkers, and perhaps your schedule and other responsibilities limit your ability to bond in work environments. If you are a homemaker and child rear full time, that limits the time you see other adults or receive the type of stimulation and engagement that you experience with friends and peers. When you are planning a shower keeping in mind that you are evoking that community feeling is key. We are excited to help you do this.

One thing we enjoy about the connectivity of the online community is that finding others going through the same things has never been easier. It can also be hard to avoid things that make you feel judged or feel incomparable. We find when you really dig deep into the other parents online, most of us are really just trying to put our best foot forward and hope that others see us for the effort we make, not necessarily which brand of car seat we have. We want to create more than a product for you with our Diaper Cakes. When you peruse this website, you will be able to develop a theme for your upcoming shower, select the diaper cake that works best with that theme, and then get to know us as a community and what we have to offer from our collective perspectives. We know how big this moment in life is, how each tier is being built towards the new life coming to you.

For the new parents on here or if you care to pass this on to the new parent in your life, here is our best advice. Look to the community around you, online and off, when you really need a voice outside of yourself, but if you want confirmation of your success as a parent, look at your children. They are all the evidence you need. As they grow and change, catalog it, document every I love you, the big belly laughs, the side hugs as they pass you in the kitchen. Their fast-growing toenails that drive you nuts are a marker of the nutrition they are getting, that shiny hair tangled in the Barbie brush as well. That loud thump from them jumping off the couch is the energy and strength they have developed.

When they have a day filled with temper tantrums, and grandma says they were angels for her all evening, you know that:

1.) You're safe because you are home to them, so they let it all out and

2.) You taught them to respect someone else's home (it always feels good when they make you look good in front of grandma).

So there is our support, our step-by-step instructions to feeling successful in your parenting journey as well as our easy, step-by-step Diaper Cake kits. We are here to entertain you, simplify this process for you, and deliver for you something fun and functional that is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. Our product is here for you to build the perfect Diaper Cake centerpiece, start off a journey of laying the foundation, and let the finished product and every tier along the way represent the work you put into it and the support it represents.

Thank you for visiting,

The My Diaper Cake Team